Cherished Memories of Summer Swimming

The speaker fondly recalls a simple yet cherished swimming spot from their youth, highlighting its significance as a community gathering place during hot afternoons.

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A says:
Can you tell me about a person in your life who was really important to you? We didn't have many swimming pools yeah we had just little things that we swam in yeah it wasn't a proper swim swimming pool but it was nice yeah it was nicely done and we used to go to swim about 02:00 in the afternoon because it was hot there and it's a very nice place and they kept it nice and clean so we often had the people around coming to swim and they had to bring their very things from the swimming pool into a ras where the swimming pool it was nice it was a very nice little place yeah yeah we lived we didn't have but we had a dress similar to this okay with all the weather but it was. It was very nicely we liked the summer time and when it was very nearly hot but here you don't have any swimming pools. Not too much no, no you don't know.